Evergreen Caissons, Inc

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sylviaAs Vice President and Operations Manager, Sylvia estimates caisson projects and manages the bid submittal process, acts as liaison with regulatory agencies, and manages Evergreen Caisson’s Human Resources Department. She developed Evergreen’s Safety Compliance Department, including a full-time Safety Manager, the development of forms and documentation procedures, post accident review, and all other compliance.

She prepares documents on costs, budgets, contracts, estimates, and other project essentials; consults with clients before and throughout each project on general contracts, purchase orders, and subcontract agreements; administers all internal personnel matters including comprehensive training; and manages the company’s computer systems and data tracking for optimum efficiency.

Before joining Evergreen Caissons Sylvia spent many years managing various nonprofit organizations and pursuing her interests in anthropology and documentary filmmaking. She has also completed technical training courses in Contractual Risk Transfer Training (2007-2008), School of Risk Control Excellence “Construction Boot Camp” (2006), and Hiring and Firing Within the Law (1991).

When not on a job site or burning the midnight oil to oversee operations from her office, she can be found hiking or skiing in the mountains with her husband, Jesse.