Evergreen Caissons, Inc

foundations that power families

jesse3Growing up on a ranch in rural Montana, Robert (Jesse) Jesperson, like most kids, loved digging in the dirt. He enjoyed it so much in fact that after earning a degree in Civil Engineering from Montana State, he made a career out of it. Today, as one of the foremost experts on drilling and foundation construction, the holes he digs are bigger, the approach more innovative, and the pay a heck-of-a-lot better.

The Owner and President of Evergreen Caissons, Inc., Jesse has built his company one project at a time through hard work and word-of-mouth advertising.

A strategic thinker and ranch-raised problem solver with a no-nonsense approach to business, he’s developed a reputation among clients for providing quality construction on time and on budget. Not in his element sitting behind a desk, Jesse is a hands-on engineer, capable of operating every piece of equipment he owns. As Project Manager, he bids Evergreen Caissons’ foundation work and oversees the successful completion of all projects.

Prior to founding Evergreen Caissons Jesse worked as the Foundations Manager for Union Power Construction Company, and for Meredith Drilling Company where he advanced from Field Superintendent to Chief Executive Officer in under a decade.

With more than 39 years of drilling and foundation construction experience, Jesse’s professional opinion is highly sought after. He’s been a drill shaft consultant for the Federal Highway Department, consulted the Israeli government during the construction of the Maor David Power Station, and served as an expert witness in drill shaft claims for the Federal Government.

On the rare occasion he’s not working, you’re likely to find Jesse hiking or skiing in the mountains with his family or knee-deep in a Rocky Mountain stream trying to outsmart a trout.