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San Miguel-Lobo Transmission Line

7' tapered Rock Auger Yard-2010-July-22-Image-7

Project Name: San Miguel-Lobo Transmission Line (345kV)

Location: Tilden, Texas

Contract Amount: $8.3 million

Dates: March 2009 – July 2009

Owner: South Texas Electric Cooperative

General Contractor: Great Southwestern Construction

Transmission Line Length: 43 miles

Range of Depth & Diameters: 7.5′ diameter x 30′ deep to 13′ diameter x 50′ deep

Safety Record: Injury Free

Special Conditions: Land owner issues with the San Miguel to Lobo Project required multiple skips and associated coordination problems. Additionally, we encountered both slurry and hard rock conditions. The rural setting included long, slow access roads that required the establishment of multiple concrete batch plants and the use of set retardants due to a combination of heat and travel time.