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Meeker-McBryde Transmission Line

DR-40 D8 CAT, Track, Nucla-2010-July-14-image-10

Project Name: Meeker-McBryde Transmission Line (345kV)

Location: Meeker, Colorado

Contract Amount: $2.6 million

Dates: May 2008 – September 2008

Owner: White River Electric Cooperative

General Contractor: Great Southwestern Construction

Transmission Line Length: 38 miles

Range of Depth & Diameters: 5′ diameter x 20′ deep to 10′ diameter x 50′ deep

Safety Record: Injury Free

Special Conditions:  The Meeker to McBryde Project was located in extremely rugged mountain terrain where we encountered both hard sandstone formations that required the use of pilot augers and rock reamers, and valley bottoms that required slurry drilling. Caterpillar pull-cats had to be utilized and one- way access required extensive coordination of all construction traffic. Additionally, retardants and tow- cats were needed in conjunction with in-house all-wheel drive mixer trucks to access the difficult sites.