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DR-65 Leyden-July-2010-Image-22Our Services

Evergreen Caissons prides itself in its ability to tackle everything from conventional caisson projects—bridges, buildings and stadiums, highways, lighting, cell towers—to more highly engineered and multi-component projects, like substations and surface structure setups. We have the engineering, technical, and personnel capacity to layout, drill, and pour substation foundations while simultaneously drilling and pouring the transmission line foundations. And we have a reputation of being innovative problem solvers who can work under the most rigorous technical, weather, and locational challenges, and often times can do it for less money than the other guy. Click here to see one recent example of Evergreen’s ingenuity.


Our full package of services goes above and beyond, including in-house engineering, equipment custom fabricated for the job, slurry excavation, concrete batching, the gear to handle final grading and cleanup, environmental efficiencies for less impact and skilled environmental compliance, and the flexibility to work after hours and weekends as needed.

Transmission Line Foundations

  • Direct Embedded Holes
  • Anchor Bolt Foundations
  • Belled Foundations
  • Battered Holes
  • Rock Socket
  • Stub Angle Settings
  • Rock Anchors

    Substation Foundations

    • Survey
    • Transformer Foundations
    • Containment Pits
    • Equipment Pads
    • Containment Walls
    • Privacy (Decorative) Walls
    • Water Works and Outlet Structures
    • Hydro-Vac Drilling
    • Utility Location
    • Excavation in Areas with Limited Height
    • Foundation Installation in Utility Corridors

    Limited Access and Helicopter Drilling

    Full Spectrum Surveying

    Other Services

    • Slurry Excavation
    • Concrete Batching
    • Belled Holes
    • Tiebacks
    • Dewatering Wells
    • Underpinning
    • Bank Shoring